1. How To Repair Your Lawn From Salt Damage

    Here in New Jersey, we never really know what winter is going to entail as far how low temperatures are going to get and how much snow and ice are going to fall. On the other hand, there is one tried and true method that nearly every homeowner relies on to remove that snow and ice from their driveway, sidewalks, and walkways once it does arrive. That’s right, we’re talking about using salt to …Read More

  2. 6 Tips For Taking Care of Your Lawn During The Winter

    There are so many things that we don’t think about hardly at all. Then one things happens, or a certain season arrives and we are left to make a ton of decisions in a short amount of time. For instance, it’s very unlikely you have thought one bit about how you are going to keep your lawn healthy throughout winter since, well, last winter. However, now that November is here and the frost and sn…Read More

  3. How To Get Greener Grass After Winter

    If you had to stand outside in New Jersey all winter, chances are you wouldn’t enjoy or even make it until spring. This goes to show just how impressive your grass is considering it can grow all year round.  Over the winter, in places like New England, the grass will enter dormancy, which allows for it to withstand the harsh freezing and accumulating snowfall. Throughout the seasons, the grass …Read More

  4. What Is Causing Issues In Your Lawn?

    As nice as it would be for your lawn to be in perfect condition all year long, it’s simply not realistic. The only thing worse than noticing an imperfection in your yard is not knowing what is causing it. The truth is, there are plenty of things that could be happening to your yard that can cause it look less than perfect. So how can you narrow down the potential issues? The best course of actio…Read More

  5. Your Autumn Lawn Care Calendar From Lawn Connection

    In our last post, we tackled the topic of entertaining on your lawn this autumn season. With the handful of tips we offered, you may think that your fall lawn care is taken care of. Unfortunately, this is not true. There is a lot of work that goes into preparing your lawn for winter. In order for you to get a better idea of how much you need to invest in your coming months, we have put together a …Read More

  6. Entertain In Your Lawn This Autumn The Right Way

    While it may seem like summer has just began, you can bet that it will be autumn before we know it. The good news is, there's still plenty of outdoor time left to be had during the autumn season, especially when it comes to entertaining. That's right we're talking about backyard barbecues and family and friend get-togethers. Do you want to make sure that your lawn looks like perfection when all of…Read More

  7. Your Guide To New Jersey Summer Lawn Care

    We love living in New Jersey and as a person who also lives here, we’re sure you do as well. This beautiful state is a great place to spend your summers because of the relatively mild heat and the obviously amazing proximity to so many incredible things. At Lawn Connection, we have been serving several counties in this beautiful state long enough to know what your lawn needs in order to thrive t…Read More

  8. Entertaining In Your Yard This Spring & Summer

    While some people prefer to spend their summers out on the lake or relaxing on a beach, there are those of us who love this time of year simply because it gives us the opportunity to entertain more than ever. Sure, you could make the argument that the November and December are packed with holidays that give you the opportunity to have friends and family over, but space is limited indoors. When sum…Read More

  9. Getting Ready For Summer Lawn Care

    Can you believe that just in a few short weeks we will be spending the majority of our free time enjoying the lovely weather outside? While it seems like winter just arrived, spring is now here and summer will be short to follow. This is the time of year in which your lawn is sure to thrive and it’s a good idea to take advantage of that as much as you possibly can while you can. On the other han…Read More

  10. It’s National Lawn Care Month! Time To Improve Your Curb Appeal

    It’s our favorite month here at Lawn Connection. Not only is spring finally here, which means we can get back to our favorite lawn tasks but April is also National Lawn Care Month! This also happens to be the time of year that people begin preparing their lawns for summer once again.  It won’t be long before you are inviting all of your closest friends and family members over for barbecues an…Read More