We all know the very basics of lawn care: fertilize, water, mow, repeat. However, those who know more than just the basics are at an advantage as it take a good amount of work to really get what you want out of your lawn, which is of course, lush green grass. In order to ensure your lawn stays in the best shape possible this summer, we have some advice for you. As the New Jersey lawn care experts, we suggest you consider what we suggest. After all, we know what we are talking about.

  1. Keep it clean.

    Before you begin working on your lawn this spring, be sure to remove any debris that may still be lingering on your grass from the fall and winter season. Rake your grass to remove dead leaves, mud and other debris so that you can have a clean slate from which to start the masterpiece that will be your summer lawn.

  2. Give your soil a break.

    In order for the roots of the grass to absorb nutrients and water, the soil cannot dreamstime_xxl_58806876be extremely compacted. If this is the case in your yard, it’s time to consider aeration. You can either rent an aerator, use a pitchfork throughout your yard to break up the compacted soil, or hire a lawn care company to do it for you.

  3. Learn more about your soil.

    If you want the healthiest soil possible, you will have to make sure the pH levels of your grass is favorable. Send a sample away to a local university extension to find out what the acidity in your soil is actually like and if it is affecting your lawn’s health.

  4. Get rid of the weeds.

    If the weeds in your lawn survived the winter, chances are they are a bit stubborn. Remove the weeds by their roots to ensure they will not be coming back to wreak havoc on your lawn later in the summer.

  5. Overseed certain areas.

    If you have bald patches in your lawn, you can remedy them by applying extra seed to these areas. Be sure to use the same type of seed you originally used in your yard as to keep the right aesthetic.

  6. Fertilize

    We are really hoping that you fertilized your lawn last fall. However, if you didn’t happen to get around to it or you forgot, spring fertilization may not be a bad idea. A light dusting of fertilizer in the spring can hinder weeds from taking over your lawn in the summer.

  7. Hire a professional.

    When it comes down to it, we cannot stress how much hiring a professional lawn care company can do for your lawn. At Lawn Connection, we take pride in the work we do and we won’t leave your home until your lawn is in tip top shape, or at least on its way there.

Contact Camden County’s most reliable lawn care team today and get the summer lawn you have always wanted without any of the stress and maintenance that it would take otherwise.