While you may have been taking the time to inspect your home’s lawn this winter, you may not have taken a moment to notice how the grass is doing at your place of business. As a business owner, this is just another task you have to ensure is taking care of at some point or another before the time spring rolls around. After all, the outside of your business is just as important as the inside. Clients and customers, even employees, take into account how the outside of your building looks and will absolutely make judgements based on it. Believe us, we know that you care, but winter doesn’t and it tends to wreak havoc on any and all yards that it can. By the time spring rolls around, you’re likely to notice that there is much debris, as well as damage caused by insects and other people. How can you make sure that these eyesores are taken care of sooner rather than later? Check out the list below to learn how you can remedy your commercial lawn of all of it’s problems before spring arrives.


While many people think that raking is an activity that people only do in the fall, this is absolutely not true. Raking when spring rolls around will allow you to remove any debris that may have built up over the winter. With that said, do not rake vigorously, otherwise you may end up doing more damage to your lawn. When you rake you will also be disturbing any pests that may be lurking in the grass as well as uncover any bald spots of turf that will need to be reseeded.


Get Rid of Mold

If your commercial lawn seems to show signs of struggle from the time spring begins, it’s likely due to mold. This is especially true if your grass was exposed to a lot of ice throughout the winter. The weight that the ice puts on the grass can push it down, creating cooler temperatures that make the growth of mold much more likely. Luckily, there is no way that mold can survive on your grass once the snow and ice is no longer present. Applying fungicides can help to speed up the process, however, if your lawn does seem to be suffering.


While it may not be your preferred method, many lawn companies and caretakers will seed their lawns during the winter. This allows for seeds to anchor in the soil before they germinate and begin to grow at a rapid pace. As long as the ground temperature is above 51 degrees fahrenheit, you can always wait until early spring to reseed as well. Patchy brown spots in your lawn should be the first portions should be the first places you tackle with the seeds. Remember that you always need to level the ground before seeding, otherwise your grass may be extremely uneven once it begins to grow.

Groom Regularly

Once you begin seeing life in your grass once again, be sure to groom it regularly. The best bet for maintaining a commercial lawn, as they tend to be quite large) is to hire a lawn care company who can do it for you. Lawn Connection would love to be the company you entrust your commercial property to. Contact us today to get a free quote.

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