It may not be something you consider often when you think of your lawn, but it is very common for yards to suffer
from diseases. This is especially true in the spring as the changing temperature of the soil and the quite fickle weather is the perfect scenario to allow for lawn diseases to take over your grass.

One of the most adamant diseases to take over lawns in the spring is leaf blight. When we say adamant, we mean it in every sense of the word. Should your yard be affected by leaf blight, you won’t have much time to respond. That is because this disease takes action fast, creating large discolored patches in your grass that look vaguely familiar to chemical burn. This disease starts by mowing your lawn in the evening and then receiving a lot of water overnight causing a fungus to form and take over your lawn.

The second disease we see the most often in the spring season is known as red thread. This disease tends to appear when there is a lot of rain in your area and little to no, direct sunlight reaching the grass. You can tell when your grass is being affected by red thread if you notice that there are coral or deep pink fungus beginning to form on the tips of grass blades that are already a bit brown.

If you notice that your lawn is beginning to look ill, call the amazing team of lawn care experts at Lawn Connection. We can diagnose your lawn and inform you of the best way to counteract whichever disease is taking a toll on it.