Over the summer season New Jersey lawns tend to undergo a lot of wear and tear. Your grass does its best to remain plush and green through the severe changes in weather from one season to the next but it still needs some assistance from you. Fall is the perfect time of year to aerate and seed your lawn. Prepping your grass for the winter so that it thrives in the spring is very important and there are a few reasons why.

  1. Improve the overall appearance
    Your grass will look a million times better after seeding. Why? Well, all of those dry or damaged spots in your lawn will look as good as new. You’ll be impressed by what a difference seeding can make in the color and texture of the grass in your yard.
  2. Make your grass stronger
    When you seed you grass it is a bit like providing a support system for your lawn to feed off of. When the grass is plentiful and strong it is able to fight off insects and diseases much more effectively and therefore, be easier to care for in the long run.

Lawn Connection is offering a very special deal currently when it comes to fall seeding. Let us repair all the damage your lawn underwent this summer and get up to 7000 square feet for one direction of seeding for only $275. This is perfect for homes and businesses alike. Contact us today to learn more about fall seeding and our special offers.