Although it would be ideal if you had all the time you needed to get everything on your To Do List done, the truth of it is that life is busy and hectic and at some point certain tasks have to fall to the waysides, and we have to prioritize. If your lawn has become something of a bother and you simply do not have the time to do all the fall lawn care processes we have mentioned in previous posts then we have some good news. There are a few loopholes where fall lawn care is concerned. These shortcuts are not to be used every year, but in the case that you are experiencing a more than hectic season this year, you can get away with them just this once.

With these two simple steps you can ensure that your lawn will be in good enough shape by the time spring rolls around.

  1. Rake Often
    You may think this will eat up a good amount of what little free time you already have, but when you rake frequently the process takes a lot less time. Not to mention, the longer leaves remain on your grass the more likely it is to die, due to lack of sunlight and air.
  2. Spread Fertilizer AND Grass Seed
    This is especially important if areas of your lawn are “balding” a bit. Applying fertilizer and extra grass seed with allow you lawn to bulk up before the cold winter days appear.

Another alternative is to simply hire the professional and friendly team at Lawn Connection. We serve Camden County, Gloucester and Burlington Counties as well as surrounding areas. Call us today and let us take care of your lawn so that you don’t have to!