With spring comes an increase in the amount of precipitation and with increased precipitation comes the chance that your lawn could be exposed to too much water. This can especially be true if you feel the need to water your lawn in addition to the rain. Word of advice? If your lawn is getting substantially watered by rainfall, hold off on using your sprinkler system. There is simply no need. Over watering your lawn can cause a lot of damage so let’s talk about the side effects.

Watering Daily

If you water your lawn daily you are keeping the soil pores full of water rather than oxygen. Oxygen is vital to plant growth. Therefore, without it your grass is going to perish as the roots of the sod will suffocate. In turn, this leaves the plant with a very shallow root system.

When this occurs, the grass is put under an enormous amount of stress. Stress in plants, much like stress in humans, makes them susceptible to disease, and additionally damage by insects. You may not think this is something to worry about but you would be wrong. Something like a seemingly small disease or insect outbreak can eventually wreak havoc on your lawn as a whole.

If you are already having issues with your lawn flooding this spring, call the experts at Lawn Connection today and schedule an appointment. We can help you get your yard back on the right track as well as assist you in preventing lawn over watering in the future.