dreamstime_xxl_21219330Although many people choose to dispose of their live Christmas trees once the holiday has passed, others do something that requires a bit more work but also results in being able to enjoy the tree for years to come. If you are someone who wishes to do the latter, we have a few tips to help you get the most out of your Christmas tree.

Pick a Good Tree
When you are searching for a Christmas tree, it is much more important that your tree be proportionate and healthy when you purchase it if you are planning on planting it in the future. Visit a tree farm knowing which kind of tree is native to the area of the country you live in and be sure to choose one of those, otherwise your tree won’t survive through the winter. Also keep in mind that the tree still has to be the right size to live inside your home until the holiday is over.
Prepare the Ground in Your Yard
Wait for a warm day, choose a spot in your lawn that receives a steady amount of sunlight, and dig a hole. Remember, your tree will continue to grow once it is planted again so make sure there is enough space for that. The wider the hole you dig, the better. You can fill the hole with straw until you are ready to plant the tree.
Plant Properly
You should never take your tree directly from inside your home and plant it in the hole you have already fashioned for it. Instead, move your tree to a cooler environment like your garage or porch for a couple of days(up to 4) before planting it in order to avoid shocking it. Remove the straw placeholder, place the tree in the hole and fill the empty space around the roots with water and dirt, elimatnating all air pockets.Place a stake on each side of the tree to ensure it is steady and fertilize as spring approaches. Always remember to water regardless of the season.