At Lawn Connection, we get calls about all kinds of pest problems. From moles, to geese, to deer, we have experience getting rid of multiple animals that may be causing damage to your lawn. However, most people do not realize that the critter that may be doing the most harm to their grass is this household pet. That’s right, your dog could be destroying your yard without your knowledge. Below you can discover how to best prevent your pup from causing major damage to your grass.

  1. Preoccupy Your Petdreamstime_xxl_61041369

    Often a pet will tear apart a lawn because they are not using enough energy elsewhere. Make sure you are taking your dog for regular walks and that you play with him/her on a daily basis. Something as simple as playing fetch can truly make your pet more well behaved than you ever imagined and also protect your yard.

  2. Look For Additional Pests

    Often, it isn’t that your dog just has it out for your lawn, but that in trying to protect their turf from other pests, they end up destroying it. The most obvious way you can tell if this is what is happening is if your dog seems to dig around the same area of the yard all the time.  We can help you to get rid of antagonizing pests when you call Lawn Connection.

  3. Make Designated Bathroom Locations

    People teach their cats to use the litter box which is stationary, so why can’t you teach your dog to use one part of the lawn as their designated toilet? This will prevent the entirety of your yard from being ruined by dog urine.

Protect your lawn from your pet and other curious critters with the help of the professional team at Lawn Connection. We can get your lawn in tip-top shape and keep it that way all year long.