While summer is thought to help lawns thrive, it can also be the death of them should you not know the proper way to care for your grass. When it comes to having the most amazing lawn in your neighborhood, there are absolutely things you should do and things you should not. If you are interested in having the most impressive lawn possible, follow the tips below; they will surely help you achieve optimum lawn satisfaction.

  1. Water when it’s right.

    Plain and simple, watering your lawn should be done in the morning. This gives your grass the opportunity to absorb the water all day and complete photosynthesis. Watering at night is also known to lead to many different lawn diseases, which you clearly want to avoid.

  2. Train your lawn like you would a pet.

    You don’t want your lawn to become entirely dependent on being watered every day. When you train your lawn properly you can build a strong and resilient root system. For best results, we suggest watering a little longer than you usually would 2-3 times a week rather than making short periods of time for watering every single day.

  3. Give your lawn some air.

    Just like you, your lawn need oxygen if it wants to survive. When you over water your lawn, it cannot get the amount of air that is required for it to stay healthy and therefore, it can easily suffocate and die.

For the absolute best results when it comes to the health of your lawn, hire the expert lawn team at Lawn Connection. We know how to give your lawn what it needs to thrive.