Not knowing what kind of summer we are going to have here in Camden County and surrounding areas, makes it difficult to prepare sometimes. For instance, if we see alarming high temperatures during the warmer months, there is a good chance that you will watch your grass die unless you are taking extremely good dreamstime_xxl_37932515care of it. However, one thing you won’t be able to watch die alongside your grass is crabgrass. So what is the difference between these two and why does crabgrass last longer than regular green grass? Let’s find out.

Well first of all, crabgrass unlike green grass, grow horizontally rather than vertically. This makes it very difficult for the lawnmower’s blades to cut crabgrass as effectively as it can cut regular grass. Secondly, crabgrass does not stop germinating until August.

There are plenty of fertilizers that you can apply to your lawn should you wish to stop the growth of crabgrass, but it isn’t guaranteed that you will get rid of it for good. There are also many weedkillers that swear that they too will eliminate all the crabgrass from your lawn. Again, there is no guarantee that these will work. Your very best bet is to have a lush, healthy lawn that won’t allow for crabgrass to grow in it. The very best way to do that? Hire the amazing team at Lawn Connection today and let us get rid of your crabgrass once and for all. Contact us today and get a quote in no time at all!