Mulch is a great resource when gardening. While you don’t have to put it to use, it can give you many benefits for keeping your lawn and landscaping looking great and reduce the amount of lawn care services when strategically placed in and around your garden area. Here are some of the advantages of using mulch.

  • Mulch helps to inhibit weed growth. This is great because even if weed seeds are spread, with mulch, they are less likely to germinate. Weeds aren’t only a nuisance, they steal much needed resources from your garden plants.
  • Mulch keeps soil moist. Especially when summer temperatures are high and humidity levels are low, it’s important to keep your plants from drying out.
  • Mulch also keeps the plants cool. at the roots. Just like keeping the soil moist, it’s important that the plants don’t get too hot, keeping the roots cool can keep the plant healthy.
  • Mulch helps keep the soil-temperature consistent. During spring, the temperatures are all over the place and having mulch around your plants will help to reduce the swings.
  • During winter, mulch over clipped down perennials will keep them from getting damaged by the harsh winter temperatures.
  • Mulch can come from different sources, some add nutrition to the soil that will help the plants as they grow.

Collecting and using grass clippings, you can place these around the base of the plants as an organic mulch. Lawn care services are available to help keep your plants healthy and growing well. Contact us at Lawn Connection for more information on our lawn care services and plant health care. We serve Burlington County and beyond to southern Jersey. Call for a free quote at 856-809-9004.