There are many benefits to having a healthy lawn. You and your family can relax on it, play lawn games, have cookouts with friends and neighbors. Spending time outdoors and having a luxurious lawn can make these experiences more pleasant. The benefits go beyond recreational and being pleasant on the eye. The grass provides an ecosystem that can help the environment. Grass is a natural filter to the air of carbon dioxide to oxygen and contaminants out of rainwater. It can help eliminate erosion. It also acts as a home to insects and worms which are food to birds.

Taking care of your lawn may take some extra time out of your schedule, but it will come back to benefit you, your family and the environment. Lawn care isn’t difficult if you know a few things to help. The first thing to remember is that the grass is home to insects that are helpful to the ecosystem. What you add to the grass will not only affect the insects, but everything connected to it and the chemicals will go into the water tap as well. To prevent this, try and only use environmentally safe fertilizers. This will also make it possible for your kids and pets to enjoy the grass after fertilizing.

If you prefer to have some help getting your lawn healthy and thick, contact us at Lawn Connection. We offer environmentally friendly, organic lawn care for residential and commercial properties. We believe that using only environmentally safe products will only enhance the health of your lawn, giving you rich, thick grass to enjoy all summer long.