In the United States, homeowners take a lot of pride in having a lawn that is green, lush and well manicured. However, these sort of lawns don’t just appear, they have to be treated properly in order to get this desired outcome. While grass can grow just fine without humans interfering in the process, we have to perform maintenance to ensure that it remains at an ideal length and that it does not succumb to agents that can destroy it. Alternatively, we can also play a huge role in why the grass in our lawn doesn’t survive as well. Too much tinkering can lead to unhealthy soil, brown patches and more. A large reason this happens is because people treat their lawns with the wrong products. They use or allow lawn care companies to use quick-fix chemicals and inorganic fertilizers that are detrimental to their grass, none of which they are aware of when they use them. So how can you avoid killing the lawn your work so hard on?

Organic Lawn Care Is The Answer

When you hire the professionals at Lawn Connection, you can be sure that your lawn is going to be healthy in the future. The main reason we know this is because we use and offer organic lawn care services. Organic fertilizers give the soil the nutrients that are needed in order to grow effectively. This leads to greener, thicker and more resilient grass in your lawn. While you may note that all inorganic fertilizers also promise these same results, they tend to be extremely short-lived. Not to mention, chemical pesticides only aid your lawn superficially and are terrible for the environment as well as for the health of those who live in your home.

But What’s So Great About Organic?

When you hire Lawn Connection to provide you with our premium organic lawn care services, you are doing a favor for more than just your lawn. In fact, organic lawn care services conserve the Earth’s limited resources. We take the South Jersey climate and rainfall into account and treat your lawn according so as not to be wasteful when it comes to resources. We also encourage our customers to allow us to recycle as much as we possibly can. This means composting old grass clippings or using them as mulch.

Your Soil Will Thank You For Organic

fertilizerc1One of the most important parts of growing healthy grass is having soil that is capable of growing it. Organic lawn care services will do a world of good for your soil as well. Using organic will ensure that the microorganisms needed to make your lawn healthy can thrive in your soil and therefore promote overall health of your grass. The nutrients in organic fertilizers will also contribute to long term root growth in your grass. At the end of each season, you will begin to notice that your grass is even more resilient and self-sustaining than it was the year before.

Call Lawn Connection Today To Learn More About Organic Lawn Care

We are firm believers in the use of organic lawn services, mainly because we have seen time and time again the difference it can make. If you would like to learn more about the organic lawn care services that are offered by the professional team at Lawn Connection, call us today. We can give you a full overview of what our services will include and how they can benefit your lawn. At the end of the day, the health of your lawn and the health of your family could both benefit from our organic lawn care services.