mowingIf you insist on doing your own yard work you may not have ever thought about the amount of physical activity you are getting each time you perform a lawn-related task. Our team of dedicated lawn care providers get their fair share of exercise while caring for lawns all over Gloucester and surrounding counties and we thought we could share our workout routine with you. Every season requires at least one good workout that will have you sweating and burning calories like you wouldn’t believe.

  • Raking and Bagging Leaves
    As it is the first day of November, you no doubt have some leaves in your yard that are begging to be raked. In an hour, you can burn up to 303 calories simply raking up all the leaves that have been blanketing your yard. Not to mention the additional 350 calories you will burn removing those leaves from your gutters.
  • Shoveling Snow
    While not technically “yard work”, snow shoveling is necessity to make the front of your home not only accessible but look nice in the winter months. You can burn up to 422 calories per hour while removing the snow from your walk or driveway.
  • Mowing Your Lawn
    Though you may be close to calling it quits on mowing until the spring it may motivate you in the future to know what you can burn around 380 calories per hour when you are cutting the grass.
  • Weeding
    And let’s not forget everyone’s favorite yard chore. You can burn approximately 300 calories per hour removing those annoying weeds from your lawn.