There are many ways you can improve the state of your landscaping and lawn in general every year. Unfortunately, with so many options, it is often difficult for people to decide which services they should have completed and which services they should forego. Depending on your own personal needs, the services you need can differ. This is especially true when you have children who not only have contact with the lawn but also play in it pretty frequently. Below you can discover some tips regarding what lawn care should be avoiding if you do have children.

  1. Do not treat your grass for all of the possible pests.

    If you think treating your grass for every pest that could possibly affect it during the summer months is going to render the best results, you may want to reconsider. This sort of “blanket approach” isn’t ideal as it wastes time and money. Not to mention, the more pesticides that occupy your grass, the less
    healthy is it for you children to be near it or play in it. When it comes to preventing pests from taking over your yard, identify which pests are truly a threat and only treat you grass for those animals and insects specifically.

  2. Be careful to not rush grass growth.

    It is often easy to get in a hurry as far as growing turf is concerned.  Everyone wants a large that is green and contains no holes or dry patches. However, when you grow grass quickly, this will cause weeds to likely take over your lawn very quickly as well. Focus on growing thick healthy turf to keep the amount of weeds to a minimum. This will also allow your children to have lush green grass on which to run and play, something every child should be able to do without you having to worry.

  3. You’re cutting your grass too short or too much.

    Some people get a little overzealous about mowing in the spring which comes back to bite them later in the summer. Whether you are cutting your grass too short or too often, it can have detrimental effects on the final state of your lawn. It is suggested you should cut your grass once a week at a length of 2.5 inches. This will require that you don’t have to use large amounts of fertilizer which will make your yard much healthier so your children can play in it.

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