The weather is warming up and we’re seeing the signs of spring. Summer will be here before we know it and you may want to know how to care for your lawn so you have the lawn everyone wants. Here are some lawn care tips for you to implement for a healthier lawn.

  • Don’t cut the lawn too short. It will cause the lawn stress and make the grass look burnt.
  • If the grass blades are longer, the roots will grow deeper, which will then encourage the grass to be healthier. When the roots are deep, they can face diseases and pests better than when the roots are shallow.
  • Be sure your mower blades are sharp. This will give the grass a clean cut instead of mangling the grass blade.
  • Fertilize the grass. There are tons of fertilizer products, but be sure to watch the warnings if you have kids or pets who frequent the lawn.
  • Check your irrigation system and make sure the sprinkler heads are well spaced so your lawn doesn’t get over watered or under watered.
  • Water your lawn deep every three days. This will help the roots go deep and help with healthy growth.
  • Pests, weeds, insects and disease can ruin your lawn. Even if you’re doing everything else right. You may want to bring in an expert to diagnose and treat pests.

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