You may be looking forward to warm weather appearing again, but you may not have thought about what this will mean for your lawn. Don’t worry, you still have time! The best way to ensure you are going to have the lawn you want this summer is to start planning ahead of time. How do you do that? Well, it begins with dreamstime_xxl_25499852thinking about what you have and have not liked about your lawn in the past. If you are continually trying to ward off an evil weed, then this year may be the time to do research and find out 1) what exactly you are fighting and 2) how you can get rid of it for good.

On the other hand, you may have really like a fertilizer or grass seed you used last year but you haven’t thought to try to buy the same brand yet. Shopping for these things ahead of time could mean the difference between getting your hands on them or  not. So planning is key.

It is also important to know what sorts of insects you will be protecting your yard against. As the weather gets warmer, the more these pesky critters begin to show their faces. Know which insects are specific to your location and how to combat them while doing as little damage as possible to your lawn and landscaping.

If you need help preparing your lawn for spring, call Lawn Connection today and let us assist you. We have a team of professionals ready to make your lawn dreams a reality!