Fall has finally arrived and with it comes a slew of colorful leaves falling on your lawn that you worked so hard to make look nice all summer. While these leaves are absolutely beautiful, they are not ideal for keeping your lawn healthy. On the other hand, we also acknowledge that raking the leaves that fall from even two or three trees can be extremely exhausting and time consuming. So what do you do? Should you simply abandon your lawn and let the leaves take it over? Or alternatively, should you bite the bullet and remove the leaves despite the work that is required to do so? Find out below!

Don’t Wait to Get Rid of Those Leaves

We know you may not want to hear this, but you should truly be removing fallen leaves from your grass as soon as they begin to fall. When you do not remove these leaves, they can cause your lawn to mold and ruin it entirely if left to fend for itself. The last sunlight that fall brings, combined with your grass being even more shaded by the leaves that are lying on top of it, will weaken the root system and likely make it difficult to get back your plush green lawn in the spring.

Keep Mowing

Most people believe they can stop mowing once summer is gone, but this is not the case. You should actually keep mowing your lawn until the first snow occurs. This will keep the grass resilient and will allow for it to not be harmed as easily by the fallen leaves.

Trust the Professionals

The professionals at Lawn Connection want to make sure that all of the hard work that was put into your lawn this summer is not undone when autumn arrives. Follow the tips above and ensure that your lawn remains something to brag about even though summer has ended.