Since our area already has been experiencing periods of hot, dry weather, it is a good idea to start to provide tree care in order to prevent leaf scorch. When the weather is unrelenting in its heat and little rain has been seen, the leaves on your trees will start to turn brown from a lack of water. The browning will start from the outside of the leaf and move inward until the leaf is completely dead or scorched.

How can I prevent leaf scorch?

Preventing leaf scorch can be as simple as providing copious amount of water to your tree’s roots. You need to make sure the water you’re providing is accessing the roots by testing the moisture level of the soil at least 12 inches below the surface. If that area is relatively dry, you need to keep watering so that the water penetrates at least 1 to 2 feet down into the ground. You can help your tree retain moisture by adding mulch, which protects the soil from the heat of the sun.

Another way to protect your tree from leaf scorch is by smart pruning techniques. The more area water needs to travel, the less water available for the tree as a whole. Since outer leaves are more susceptible to leaf scorch, cut back some of these areas. If you’re not sure how to correctly prune your tree, call your local tree care company for tips or service.

Don’t let the coming hot summer months drive your trees to die of thirst. Provide the best tree care you can and you will be able to successfully usher your trees through the hot seasons.