You likely know that aeration can greatly benefit your lawn. Not only can it make it much healthier, but it can also make your grass look more lush and beautiful than you ever could have imagined. However, these results are completely dependent on the time of year in which you decide to have your lawn aerated. As the lawn care experts, Lawn Connection knows that this time of year is a tad late for aeration, especially in the state of New Jersey. Let’s talk about when you should have had your lawn aerated and when you should do it next so that you can get the best results.

When is the right time to have your lawn aerated?

As the lawn care professionals, we know that the best time to aerate a lawn is during periods of high growth, but not right after a period during which your lawn was put under stress. This means that you want to aerate either in early fall or in late spring. This will allow your lawn to recover from the harsh temperatures of summer or the intense freezes of winter. It is important, when aerating during autumn that you do so early enough in the season so that your soil can recover before it begins to prepare for being dormant throughout winter.

aerationc1How to prepare for aeration services

When you decide to hire a lawn company to perform aeration on your lawn during the coming spring, you will want to get the most out of it that you can. That means taking some preemptive actions to ensure that the process is as beneficial as possible. One of the best ways you can prepare for lawn aeration is to make sure that you stop watering your lawn for as long as it takes for the soil to not be damp or muddy. Aeration should never be completed when the soil is containing water. If your soil is filled with water, the aeration process will be somewhat of a waste of time and money, which is something you don’t want.

Lawn Connection will be here when you’re ready for aeration

While you may have waited a little too late in the season to have aeration completed this year, there is no need to worry. Your lawn can make it through one winter before you have the professionals on our team come to your home to aerate your lawn. Not to mention, now that you are aware of the right times of year to have this service completed, you will never make the mistake of missing the perfect time in the fall to do so. The best practice would be to make sure you maintain your lawn as well as you possibly can for the rest of the fall season. In the winter, do the same by ensuring that no one walks across your grass while there is snow on it. That way, when spring does arrive, your grass will be ready for a complete makeover when you hire Lawn Connection to aerate your lawn!