As spring rolls around, we can have unpredictable weather, so take advantage of the warmer days to get your yard cleaned up so it is ready for all the growth that will happen. Taking a few steps before the weather warms up will help start your residential lawn care off right and help your yard look amazing throughout the growing season. Here are some tips for spring clean up.

  • As branches are starting to bloom, you’ll be able to see the branches on shrubs that have been damaged or died out through the winter weather. Prune these back so you can make room for the new spring growth.
  • Prune by hand to thin out the interior of the bushes so they get the light the interior of the shrub will need to stay healthy. Using hedge trimmers will only take off exterior branches and create a very dense interior.
  • After frost is no longer a possibility, clean up any insulation you placed around the plants, leaves, burlap, etc. When the organic matter is cleared, you can fertilize the plants so the spring rain will help do the work for you.
  • Cut back perennials to 4-5 inches and ornamental grasses to 2-3 inches to make room for the new growth.
  • Cut back roses that have been damaged by the winter temperatures below the blackened area. If you have climbing roses, cut back the woody canes and tie the canes gently in place.
  • Winter freezing and thawing can erode surfaces of your hardscaping. Also, patch worn wood surfaces, pickets and lattice may have gotten damaged during the winter.

If you take care of this spring residential lawn care and still need maintenance for pests, and disease control, contact us at Lawn Connection. We have lawn care service programs to maintain your plant’s health.