Each year on the first day of the year, many people take the plunge and set out some very serious intentions for the 365 days that lie ahead of them. We, of course, refer to the these as ‘New Year’s resolutions’. We make expectations regarding new things we want to try, fears we want to face, goals we want to achieve. Whatever it may be, chances are you are striving to better yourself a little more each and every year.

While most people like to make their solutions so that they revolve around fitness, hobbies or career, we feel it important to tell you that there are other kinds of resolutions you can have that won’t require you to put effort in all day, every day and yet will still render great results in your life. That’s right, we’re talking about lawn resolutions.

You and your lawn have been through a lot and what better way to make sure it is going to thrive again this year than by planning out how you can best take care of it? Let’s talk about some of the most vital resolutions you should make when it comes to your lawn, if you have yet to do so.

side-page-content-imageMake The Switch To Organic Fertilizers

We know we seem to be always advising our customers to switch to organic, but that’s just because it is better. If you want healthy grass, then you have to have healthy soil and what better way to get healthy soil than to use organic fertilizer? Truly, there is no better way. Make sure when you are purchasing your fertilizer that it is rich with nitrogen and potassium for best results.

Don’t Stress About A Few Weeds

We understand that your lawn is your pride and joy, but it is bound to have its imperfections, regardless of how well you take care of it. Just like a blemish, weeds come and they go in small spurts. It truly is just a fact of life, not a reason to spend an entire afternoon on your hands and knees in your front lawn, pulling the little buggers from the ground. As long as you maintain them in some way, they surely will not take over your lawn. Make this the year that you relax a little more than you usually do when it comes to a potential weed infiltration in your lawn.

Aerate If & When You Need To

If you are worried about how your grass is going to fare this winter, you may want to go ahead and start planning having your lawn aerated in the spring. When your soil is aerated, it reduces compaction which helps your lawn become prepared for a healthy season of growing.

Be Committed

One of the main complaints we hear from homeowners about their lawn is that it simply does not look as great as they would like it to. Just like with any endeavor that can render aesthetic satisfaction, proper lawn care takes a lot of time and work. This is time and work that people either do not have or will not commit to their yards. Either way, the only real way to have a beautiful lawn is to be committed to taking care of it.

Don’t Know If You’re That Committed?

If you know that you simply will not have the time to take care of your lawn this year, start planning now. Make your resolution to hire a dedicated team of lawn care professionals to care for your lawn. Lawn Connection is trusted all over central New Jersey. Call us today to find out how we can help you achieve the lawn you want once winter is over and wonderful spring appears again.