As nice as it would be for your lawn to be in perfect condition all year long, it’s simply not realistic. The only thing worse than noticing an imperfection in your yard is not knowing what is causing it. The truth is, there are plenty of things that could be happening to your yard that can cause it look less than perfect. So how can you narrow down the potential issues? The best course of action is to know the most common causes of lawn issues and troubleshoot them until you find the one you are dealing with in your own yard. Check out the list below and figure out what you are dealing with in your lawn.


While it’s fairly unlikely that you would be suffering from drought at this time of the year, it’s not impossible. As you probably know already, proper hydration is necessary for a lawn that is lush and green. On the other hand, if the weather is unusually dry, your grass is going to become dormant. This will result in brown patches in your lawn or a yard full of dry unwelcoming grass. If you notice that these symptoms are beginning to show, it may be time to give your lawn a good watering.


If your lawn is too far gone and in fact has become dormant, you are sure to know. Dry and brown grass will be more common in your lawn than green grass. In order to be positive that this is what is happening, you need to take a closer look at your grass. Even if it has become dormant, you may find that a lower part of the blade, near the ground, is still fairly strong. When you tug on that blade, you shouldn’t experience it ripping out of the ground very easily. It this is what happens, your grass has died. This will require you to reseed in the future and start over entirely.

Barren Slopes

If part of your lawn resides on a slope, it can often be difficult to mow. Additionally, if the slope faces the south or the west, you are sure to experience a number of other issues. Because of the way the slope is set up, it may be difficult for the grass that resides there to get the proper hydration it needs as the sun is likely working overtime evaporating any moisture that the grass is attempting to soak up. If you are having issues with drought on a slope in your lawn, you may want to consider having an irrigation system installed to remedy it.

Fungal Diseases

If your lawn has been getting plenty of water, it’s possible that there may be another issue that you haven’t discovered yet. In fact, your lawn may be suffering from a fungal disease, causing you to experience a number of issues that you aren’t sure how to handle. There are plenty of causes of fungal diseases taking over lawns such as not mowing properly, soil becoming compacted and/or being improperly fertilized.

Moving Forward

While we can tell you all day how important it is to start working towards a remedy as soon as you notice there is a problem with your lawn, we know this isn’t always realistic. Often, people have absolutely no clue where to even start, and that’s where we come in. If you have noticed that your lawn is struggling and you would like to figure out what the problem is fast, contact us today at Lawn Connection. We will find a solution to all of your New Jersey lawn care issues.

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