It may be only November now, but before you know it, the snow will be melting and it will be time start taking care of your lawn again. If you have decided to only enlist the help Lawn Connection for our tree and shrub services and are opting to mow your own lawn for another year, then there is some maintenance regarding your lawn mower that you will need to tend to this winter at some point. Even you have somewhere temperature controlled you can go ahead and have your lawn mower fixed up as early as December or January. However, if you keep your lawn mower in a shed or a garage that tends to get pretty chilly during the winter, the following maintenance may need to wait until March or April.

  1. Have a General Inspection
    Take a good long look at your mower. Check the condition of the belts, the deck and all the bolts that hold it together. Look at the condition of the wheels and tires. If you notice anything that looks out of the ordinary, call a hardware store and get their opinion.
  2. Get Rid of Old Fuel
    If you are saving leftover fuel to use in the spring, go ahead and throw it out. Fuel that has been sitting around for over 30 days is likely to cause issues in your lawn mower should you choose to use it.
  3. Surface Clean
    Giving a good and thorough clean to your lawn mower’s exterior every once in awhile is a good idea. Use soap and water and make your mower look like new.