fall lawnIf you are a homeowner then you are well aware that with each season comes new method of caring for your grass. So, it should come as no surprise that now that fall is here you need to switch some things up. Fall maintenance, although not hugely different, requires just a few adjustments. Find out what you should be doing differently now that the crisp autumn air has arrived.

  1. Mowing Adjustments
    You may not know this but your lawn will continue to grow even after the first frosts have occurred. Considering that fall lawns don’t grow as quickly you may not need to mow as frequently but mowing occasionally is a must.
  2. Watering Changes
    The amount you water your lawn is entirely dependent on which part of the country you live in and the weather that area has received over the last month or so. Fall is known however, for having more moisture so cut back on your watering routine to avoid drowning your grass.
  3. Get Rid Of Pesky Weeds
    If you are going to spray weed killer in your yard, now is the time to do it. Get rid of those obnoxious dandelions once and for all this fall. If you don’t do it now they will be sure to show up at the first sign of spring, causing you a headache all over again.

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