This week we continue to discuss the many ways you should treat your lawn this fall to ensure great looking grass in the spring!

  1. Fill In Bald Spots
    Buy a lawn repair mixture and fix all the bald or bare spots in your lawn. Rake the soil loose in the bald spot and then apply the mixture, compact it and apply water. The process is simple and fast and will make sure those spots are nonexistent by the time spring comes around.
  2. Fertilize For The Future
    You may already be aware but fall is the absolute best time to fertilize your lawn if you only like to do it once a year. By applying fertilizer in the fall you will be allowing the essential nutrients into the grass’ roots, allowing them to grow deep all winter making your lawn look amazing come spring.
  3. Aerate the Soil
    Rent a gas-powered lawn aerator and give your lawn the oxygen, water and fertilizer it needs to ensure that the grass will be healthy and thriving come spring. This machine will push holes into the soil and extract plugs of dirt. You can also hire a professional lawn company to perform this task should you not want to go to all the trouble.

If you have any questions regarding your lawn or if you simply would like to avoid doing all the work yourself call Lawn Connection today. We are the best lawn care company serving Burlington, Camden and Gloucester counties! Call us today and let our lawn care experts help you!