Congratulations! You made it through the summer and your lawn looks great! You did the very best job possible making sure it remained healthy and trimmed through the heat of June and July. You may be ready to sit down on the couch and relax now that football season has begun. Unfortunately however, your lawn doesn’t cease needing care just because the warm months are coming to an end. Find out the best and most efficient ways to continue maintaining your lawn this fall, and hopefully with a little planning you will still be able to take Game Day off.

  1. Keep Control of Your Weeds
    Weeds, similar to most other plants, are in the process of absorbing as much energy as they possibly can in the fall. Taking in everything that their roots come into contact with, this is a good time to pull the old bait and switch by replacing water with herbicide so that in the spring your yard will be free of dandelions and other weeds.
  2. Rake The Leaves
    Believe us, we know raking is a huge pain. But if you are not taking good care to remove those leaves from your grass, you will regret it. Raking should also not be done all at once. So if you were planning on waiting for all the trees in your yard to shed their leaves before you pulled out the rake, that may not be the best idea. Too many leaves on the ground can suffocate your grass and ultimately kill it. Try raking intermittently as the leaves fall throughout the season for the best results.
  3. Keep Mowing
    Continue watering and mowing your grass as needed throughout the fall. When you know you have reached your second to last mow of the year make sure to cut your grass shorter than you normally would in order for sunlight to reach the crown of the grass, so that there is not much grass to turn brown once the first frost hits.