With a few exceptions, it is almost time to wish snow farewell for good. For months we have been dealing with this dreaded force of nature, but now, we have something to look forward to: WARM WEATHER! Unfortunately, just because the snow is gone, doesn’t mean the consequences of it are gone as well. Snow dreamstime_xxl_16374497Mold disease is something that affects many yards after a season filled with with snow showers. This occurs when snow remains on a certain area of grass for an extended amount of time and therefore the grass cannot get any oxygen. This is most likely to occur in an area of your yard that is shaded.

Once the damage is done, your best course of action is to simply care for that area as you would the rest. You also want to make sure to take preventative measures before another winter rolls around. For example, you definitely want to mow your lawn pretty short the last few times you do yard work before the first snow appears. Applying fertilizer will likely help to prevent this from happening. Also, ensure that you have raked all leaves off your grass before it begins to snow as well. This way you know that your lawn will be prepared to handle all the struggles that comes with cold weather.

If you find that your lawn has suffered damage due to snow, call the professionals at Lawn Connection today. We have the tools and the staff for the job, which means we can get your lawn back into good shape in hardly any time at all!