overgrownSo you’ve recently bought a new home and it is everything you have ever dreamed of. There’s just one problem, the yard is overrun with weeds and overgrown grass. The thought of tackling all of this vegetation alone has you in somewhat of a panic. But don’t worry, Lawn Connection is more than capable of getting rid of the unwanted foliage in your new yard and leave only the most desirable and welcoming turf and brush for everyone in your neighborhood to admire.
The first step to making any front yard look pristine and orderly is to remove all unwanted brush. This includes pulling weeds that have grown out of control and trimming any trees or shrubs with unruly limbs and removing this excessive foliage from the premises. The next step is to cut the grass and take any steps that may be needed to ensure it begins to grow to the best of its abilities. This can include anything from seeding and fertilizing to aeration.

Although this is not a service that we explicitly offer, we want to be the lawn care company you can rely on for all your needs. Let us get you the lawn you desire and then we can keep it in tip top shape over the years. At Lawn Connection we know that the appearance of your lawn is extremely important to you and we simply want to help.

Give us a call today to see if we can help you regardless of what your lawn care needs are.