Basic lawn care companies offer basic services. It’s as simply as that. Sure, you can hire basically anyone to come mow your lawn but that doesn’t make them an expert and it certainly doesn’t mean that your lawn is going to end up looking great, or even good for that matter. When selecting a company to complete your lawn care you should really be picking somewhere professional that performs a plethora of services and aims to please always. Lawn Connection does this and more.

So what kind of services you may be wondering. Well besides top notch lawn care that includes limestone, fertilization, crabgrass, broadleaf weeds, organic soil amendment and soil testing we can protect your yard from a number of pests. These include insects, grub, deer, moles, ticks, fleas and a number of plants that could potentially harm your lawn. We also offer irrigation serves so that your lawn will prosper in the long run as well.

If you live in  Camden, Burlington or Gloucester county, give the experts at Lawn Connection a call and let us assist you in getting the yard you have always wanted. We are confident our team will provide you with the best service possible and ensure that your work is done efficiently and affordably. Don’t ever worry about having to maintain your yard ever again. We set the standard for lawn care in the state of New Jersey so why would you hire anyone else for more money and a service that is inferior?