You could ask nearly anyone you know if they are satisfied with their lawn and you would likely hear the same answer over and over again, “no.” Some people don’t like the color of their grass, while others find that their grass’ texture is overwhelmingly rough. If you are struggling to figure out how to combat the brown spots in your yard (a common issue many people experience), we at Lawn Connection, can help.

Causes of Brown Spots

If you have noticed brown spots in your yard, one of the following is likely the cause:

  • Dull Mower Blades – if your mower blades are not sharp, it is likely that they are ripping at your grass rather than actually cutting it. This makes the tips dry out which can cause browning of the blades.
  • Cutting the Grass Too Low – if your blade is set too low, you may be allowing your grass to crown and your soil to dry out way faster than it normally would.
  • Your Furry Family Member – your pet may actually be the cause of the brown spots in your lawn. Dog urine takes a major toll on grass if it is given the chance.
  • Chemicals – if you have accidentally spilled pesticides, kerosene, herbicides or fertilizer on your grass, brown spots can easily occur.

Remedies for Brown Spots

Now that we know what is likely causing your lawn to brown, let’s talk about what you can do to reverse the process:

  • Aid Your Lawn – you may want to try dethatching, aerating and fertilizing. Once you have done this, try eliminating the amount of shade on your grass for best results.
  • Pay Attention To Your Watering Habits – every lawn is quite different when it comes to the frequency at which it needs to be watered. For best results, make sure your grass is getting no less than one inch of water per week. If the brown spots don’t seem to be getting better with this regime, you can afford to water your grass a bit more.
  • Designate a Place For Your Dog to Go – If there is an area of your lawn that is not visible to most, it may be best to make this the area in which your pet uses the restroom. This way, the rest of your lawn doesn’t suffer.

For help revitalizing your lawn, contact Lawn Connection today! We can help you to get rid of brown spots and make your lawn as beautiful as you always imagined  it would be!