Fertilizing your lawn comes with many benefits, the main one being that your yard looks superior to all of your neighbors’ lawns. However, ensuring that you are fertilizing at the right time of year is imperative to getting the results that you want. Additionally, the methods you use and the time of year in which you fertilize will completely depend on the results you are trying to render.

The Best Method of Fertilizing?

Don’t do it yourself. The best way to ensure that your lawn is fertilized the right amount at the right times is to hire a professional lawn care company to take care of the work for you. A typical application will include four to six applications throughout the year, meaning your lawn will get the attention it needs to thrive. These applications will likely occur in the early spring, then the late spring, followed by mid-summer, early fall, and lastly, late fall. The first two applications, both of which occur in the spring, will set you up for success, so make sure both of those are thoroughly taken care of by your lawn care provider.

Possible Hang Ups

Should you choose not to hire a local New Jersey Lawn care company to help you with fertilizing your lawn, you are likely to run into several problems. One of the main issues homeowners experience when they take their lawn care into their own hands is being unable to contain and eliminate weeds in their grass. Without the proper tools (tools that professional lawn companies have) you simply will not have the capacity to effectively eliminate weeds for good.

New Jersey’s Most Trusted Lawn Care Company

Lawn Connection can help you make sure your lawn remains a reason you can brag to your friends and family. We have multiple lawn care packages from which you can choose. Don’t spend your summer working endlessly for a lawn that will likely still not be everything you wanted it to be. Hire the experts at Lawn Connection today and watch your lawn flourish over the next year!