dreamstime_xxl_18394125When you lose turf during the winter season, it is referred to as “winterkill”. This means that the turfgrass has been exposed to very cold temperatures which will cause certain areas of your lawn to be brown or simply not grow once spring arrives.

There can be many reason your lawn succumbs to winterkill. Some of the most common causes can be very low temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, a large amount of snow or ice accumulating, and frequently fluctuating temperatures. Your lawn in much more susceptible to winterkill should there be a lot of foot traffic on your grass or should there commonly be standing water on it.

Your grass is not the only thing that can be damaged by a harsh winter. Trees and shrubs are also in danger of being damaged. In addition, cold weather can also cause what is called “bark freeze” in which the constantly freezing and thawing of a tree’s bark causes it to crack and split. While this will not kill a tree, it is important to note that the damage can lead to further problems in the future.

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