Compared to others, she is relatively tiny. She can lay 300 eggs at once in an area as small as a bottle cap. She injects her victims with an anti-coagulant, stopping the blood from clotting, enabling her to access as much of it as she can take in. She sucks blood but doesn’t depend on it. She would rather store the blood for her young. She and her like have killed more humans than any other living creature on earth, spreading disease in her wake.

Though she seems like a creature from a typical horror story, she is a real-life form, though she is found to be more annoying than she is frightening. But if you knew the above about the backyard pest, the mosquito, you may just take her just a bit more seriously. Her bite, and it is hers, since her male counterpart doesn’t have the same sucking equipment that she does, causes red, itchy, swollen bumps on the human skin. But through that tiny little bite, millions of cases of dengue fever, malaria, West Nile Virus and encephalitis have spread throughout the world and its human population.

Which is exactly why we strive for mosquito and insect control. We want to eradicate as many swarms of these nasty, tiny little beasts as we can. When it comes to mosquito control, we are driven to protect you, your family and even your pets, against them and the diseases that they can carry. We are Canton’s choice for mosquito control. If you believe you have a problem with either mosquitoes and ticks, call for a personal consultation. We are happy to help with a customized plan to help keep your home and family protected against the tiny, yet dangerous, creature.