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Pests in your lawn come in all shapes and sizes. Insects, deer, moles can all become an issue when getting your lawn looking beautiful. Lawn Connection can help with pest control, disease control and lawn weed control through environmentally, family and pet-friendly methods. Our methods are proven and you’ll love the results for your residential or commercial lawn.

new badgeOrganic Mosquito Control

Keep your family safe from the constant attack of mosquitos. These disease carrying insects are a threat to your family and their health. We are offering a 100% natural control that provides the protection you need without the concern of harmful chemical exposure. Our 12-application program available from April through September at two-week intervals will let you reclaim your yard this summer! Call now for special pricing.

Weed Control

Let Lawn Connection destroy those pesky weeds with our organic based grassy weed prevention and broadleaf lawn weed control products. We will help you enjoy your lawn without the guilt of using poisonous sprays that can be harmful to your family and pets, as well as the environment.

Disease Control

Preventative care is the best practice. Whether you’re looking to keep your lawn healthy, or you’ve noticed a couple of brown spots and want to nurse your turf back to health, let Lawn Connection take the worry off your shoulders.

Insect Control

Don’t let bugs take over your lovely lawn. Lawn Connection’s surface insect pest control application will keep the bugs at bay. Our experts will quickly identify the pest and determine the best control method.

other services 3Integrated Pest Management

Lawn Connection’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program is our environmentally responsible and effective approach to landscape maintenance that reduces economic, health and environmental risks. Lawn Connection will guide your plant health for a stunning landscape.

Grub Control

Grubs are unbelievably destructive to your lawn, and once the damage is done, it can be quite costly to get your lawn back in shape. Action must be taken as soon as possible to prevent considerable and sometimes irreversible damage. Lawn Connection’s seasonal grub preventative applications will ensure grubs bypass your lawn when looking to feed on healthy grass roots.

Nutsedge Control

Going nuts over nutsedge sprouting up in your lawn? Let Lawn Connection take care of these unsightly distractions and bring back the natural and bountiful beauty of your vibrant lawn.

Core Aerationother services 2

Core aeration is so imperative to an exceptional turf that Lawn Connection recommends this service once a year. By removing small cores of soil within the lawn, grass roots are able to breathe, enabling them to take in more water and necessary nutrients.

Slice Seeding

Lawn Connection offers the best in New Jersey lawn care services with our 1 or 2 directional slice seeding and broadcast blend compost soil. We recommend varieties of tall fescue, bluegrass and rye for your turf.

Soil Testing

At Lawn Connection, we are committed to knowing the needs of your soil. We provide soil testing to make sure your lawn is getting the nutriment it requires. Our friendly and expert staff members will determine your turf needs and make suggestions to help you grow a lawn worthy of your neighbors’ envy.

other services 4Vegetation Control

Gain control of those random weeds sprouting up on your property. Our top-of-the-line products will help keep your yard, landscape, and hardscape pristine. Let us ward off any unwelcome vegetation.

Irrigation Service

Lawn Connection not only wants to provide the best in New Jersey lawn care, but also New Jersey irrigation. Our lawn service experts can set up a fine-tuned irrigation system that will maximize your lawn care treatment program. We put our customers’ needs first, so we will ensure your sprinkler system is kept in great working order and make any repairs in an expedient manner.

Organic Tick & Flea Control

100% Organic pest control designed to keep your property free of ticks, fleas, and even mosquitoes. We all know about the devastating effects of Lyme disease and other insect-borne diseases blood suckers can carry. We offer perimeter pest control applications scheduled through the warm months to give you assurance against major infestations all season long.

Landscape Bed Pre-Emergence

Unwanted weeds can be the bane of any home owner’s existence. Lawn Connection will come to your home locked and loaded with the most technologically advanced and environmentally responsible products to combat and control those willful landscape weeds.

Mole Control

Sometimes the battle for a great lawn has to go underground. Lawn Connection experts use an in-ground baiting system to imitate the mole’s natural food source and get rid of moles. This technique will eliminate active moles from your yard and keep your lawn and landscape looking beautiful.

Goose Control

Make your yard less appealing for flocks of geese from settling on your property. Depending on the flock and location, monthly treatments may be required for a time until these pesky birds get the hint.

Tree Injections

These are sometimes necessary for trees much too large to be separated with the conventional liquid application. This treatment may also be helpful for treating trees in sensitive locations such as fish ponds, pools, or play sets. Tree injections cover treatments for disease and insects for established mature trees.