At this time of year, mulch is on every homeowners’ and property owners’ minds. While mulch is often thought of as something that is used in flower beds, it just as important for your trees, too!  Mulch serves several purposes, but its most important role is as protector, of your trees’ root systems. Even though roots are underground, they are still easily affected by the elements and other above-ground factors.

If your trees’ roots are exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures, both health and growth can be affected. Mulch acts as a warm blanket during the colder months and as sunblock during the summer. While acting as a shield against severe temperatures, it also stops the soil that protects the roots from being washed away by rain and keeps nutrients and moisture packed within.

The tree care professionals at Lawn Connection recommend the application of mulch especially if parts of the tree’s roots are sticking up out of the ground. Lawn mowers can pass over the root and cause deep gashes. By adding mulch, the area to be mowed will be clearly defined and any exposed root will be protected from the blades.

Another advantage for your trees? Mulch discourages the growth of weeds. Weeds can have the same negative effect on trees as they do on grass. Since trees need a lot of water and nutrients, even the slightest competition can disturb their growth rate. Mulch minimizes weed production so your trees can enjoy the full supply of moisture and nutrients for itself.

Follow these basic tree care steps and your tree should enjoy a long, healthy life!