You have undoubtedly heard the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side”, and while this is thought to not necessarily be true of all situations, what if it is? What if the grass on the other side of the fence is actually greener? If you are suffering from lawn envy because your neighbor’s grass does seem to be greener than your own, we understand your frustration. After all, your lawns are exposed to the same climate and you both water your grass on a regular basis. How is it that your neighbor’s yard makes yours look less than impressive? Honestly, it could be several reasons.


If you let your lawn grow out until it is above four inches high every time you cut it, this is likely contributing to your lackluster lawn. You should be cutting your grass consistently for best results. This means always trimming it when it is between three and four inches long.


If your dirt is not necessarily in good shape, you could stand to add some nutrients to it to help your grass out a bit. Hire a professional lawn care company to aerate your lawn one to two times a year so that your dirt can breathe easier, rendering healthier grass.


If you are a dog owner, there it is likely that your canine’s urine is causing your lawn to struggle. Dog urine can burn your lawn quite easily which can cause your grass to stain or even worse, die. Designate a certain area of your lawn as the area your dog can use to pee so that the rest of your grass can remain healthy.

If you truly want to make your lawn the best looking lawn in the neighborhood, you should call Lawn Connection. As New Jersey’s lawn care experts, we can get your lawn back on track and make your neighbor wish that his lawn looked like yours instead of the other way around.