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Protect Your Plants

They may look harmless, but they have their eyes and stomachs set on eating your trees and shrubs

New Jersey Spotted Lanternfly Control

If these guys have legs or have developed wings, they eat. That's what makes them harmful to your plants. Lawn Connection provides releif, so these guys don't damage your beautiful investment.

If you suspect you have a problem with Spotted Lantern fly please call or request a free quote. Each infestation is unique. Lawn Connection will provide you the the proper information and options to control this pest.

Foliar Treatment

Fast and effective way to treat large populations of Spotted Lanternfly. Often 3 treatments will be required throughout the season.

Systemic Treatment

This process places insect control directly into the plant. Often through absorption into the bark or root system. We recommend this be done in conjunction with foliar treatments when populations are high or in cases where spraying is not an option.