Lawn Care in Voorhees

Camden County is full of beautiful lawns, and your friends and neighbors in Voorhees are no exception. It’s time you got a lawn you can be proud of, without having to spend your weekends digging in the dirt. Since 1986, Lawn Connection has been providing the highest quality lawn services in Voorhees!

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Treat Your Lawn From Root to Tip

Frosty winter weather and scorching summer heat in Voorhees can take a toll on your landscape. Not only are our lawn care experts in Voorhees local – many of them are native to the area; meaning we know exactly what it takes to tackle these challenges and nurture your lawn to health all year long.

Our services begin with a thorough lawn evaluation, giving our Voorhees lawn experts a chance to evaluate your soil composition, grass health, and the ins and outs of how you use your lawn throughout the year. Then, we’ll craft a custom lawn program to give your lawn exactly what it needs most at each point in the season.

Scientifically Proven Methods for More Effective Care

Getting a healthy, vibrant lawn is hard work; we just make it look easy!

To really get the most out of your lawn care routine, you need perfectly-timed treatments delivered throughout the season. Don’t spend your weekends battling weeds or fighting insect damage when you can hand all of that off to the Voorhees lawn experts at Lawn Connection!

We would never recommend a treatment for your lawn that we wouldn’t personally use on our own. Each of the products used in our lawn care programs was carefully selected to meet our high internal standards for efficiency and safety. If you have concerns about the lawn care products being used on your property, our courteous technicians are always happy to answer your questions.

In fact, you can expect that level of professionalism and expertise every time you interact with a member of the Lawn Connection team. We take results seriously but know that our exceptional customer service plays an important role in our business, too.

Expert Tree and Shrub Care in Voorhees

When it comes to caring for your landscape, why waste time struggling in the yard alone when you can rely on the company that has been the experts of tree and shrub care in Voorhees since 1986? Not only will a thriving landscape enhance the appearance of your yard, it also increases property value. Our Lawn Connection specialists carefully designed a six-step program for your trees and shrubs, ensuring you’re left with a flourishing yard you can look forward to coming home to. Our six-step Voorhees tree and shrub care program includes:

  • Spring Foliar Fertilizer – Provides plants with the nutrients needed to help them thrive during growing season.
  • Spring Dormant Oil – A treatment that eliminates insect eggs that survived over the winter, and works to control a variety of early emerging insects.
  • Spring Disease/Insect Control – We spot treat your trees and shrubs to guard against plant-destroying pests using seasonally dependent methods.
  • Summer Disease/Insect Control – Follow-up treatments to provide protection for the remainder of warm months.
  • Fall Deep Root Feeding – Applied to the root system of your landscape plants, this treatment provides the foundation needed to promote growth and healing in your plants. Micro and macro nutrients, fertilizer, and systemic disease and insect control are carefully combined in this crucial step.
  • Fall Dormant Oil – This final solution controls adult scale and mite insects, along with various insect egg masses.

In addition, Lawn Connection implements Integrated Pest Management strategies with our tree and shrub care services. This ensures that your landscape is treated in an effective and eco-friendly manner, while also keeping your family and pets safe from harmful chemicals. Experience the difference when you team up with Lawn Connection for all your Voorhees tree and shrub care needs!

Local Lawn Experts You Can Trust

If you’re looking for lawn experts in Voorhees that will treat your landscape to the same TLC they’d show their own, you’ve come to the right place. At Lawn Connection, our Voorhees lawn care services are built on scientifically-proven methods and exceptional customer service. We’ve spent the last thirty years building our reputation as the best Voorhees lawn care company, helping many of your friends and neighbors get envy-inducing green lawns.

If you’re ready to get the lawn you’ve always dreamed of, it’s time to give Lawn Connection a call!