If you have had problems with weeds taking over your yard in years past, it likely has to do with the amount of rain we receive during the spring. We hear homeowners always asking questions like “Why can’t I get rid of the weeds in my yard?” and “What can I do to eliminate them?”. First, you must consider what kind of weeds you are seeking to kill. First of all, there are grassy weeds. These are normally the first kinds of weeds to show their faces once spring weather arrives. This does not, however, include crabgrass, as this type of weed doesn’t begin to appear until late May or early June. Because these weeds begin growing so early (and we all know how quickly weeds go from sprouting to overtaking the lawn) your lawn has some serious competition where land space is concerned. These are normally weeds like barnyard grass or quick grass.

There are also broadleaf weeds that you may find in your yard. These are far easier to identify as they do not look like grass. Bitter cress is the most prominent kind of broadleaf weed we see in New Jersey. This is great because these weeds tend to disappear after just a few times mowing the lawn.

If you need help controlling the spring weeds that are beginning to appear in your lawn, contact Lawn Connection today. We can get rid of those pesky weeds and make sure your yard looks great this summer. Don’t wait another minute!